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Venue details

A recent update brought a nice new feature to System One, enabling users to register a multitude of venue details. To top it all off: a brand new venue selection tool makes this information easily searchable.

Registering details

When a company is marked as a venue, a list with several details is added to register to a venue. With this you can categorize the type of venue and enter various details like lighting, power and stage dimensions. We have prepared a short tutorial to explain the possibilities.




Using venue details in bookings

Some of the venue details will be the same for each booking. Other details might differ per booking. An example of such would be opening hours. It's useful to register default opening hours to a venue, but it could be possible that one of the events has a different curfew because of a special permit. To cater to these irregularities we've added a neat trick to the event section: After selecting a venue, the default values for capacity, age restrictions and door times are copied from the venue into the event. After this step, these values van be modified, offering a flexible solution.


List of venues

The company section offers a new venues view, making them easy to find. The list can be filtered by category and capacity.





Existing data

Some customers use free fields to register the venue details. As per now these fields become redundant. You can contact us for help in removing the free fields and updating merge fields in documents. We're happy to help!