Dear visitor, System One has a new website.
Totals and Statistics

A few diagrams and totals tables have been added to System One. These new tools allow the user to extract financial information from invoice- and payment details in real-time. This not only offers the user a visually appealing and detailed insight, but also helps companies adapt to volatile financial situations.

Sales results

In the “Invoice” section a tab has been added for “Totals”. Using the selection filter, sales results can be arranged according to month, quarter or year. Once the selection is applied, a table will appear with the totals. These totals are also displayed in a bar chart with the total turnover in the different periods. This chart will visualise how much has been paid, how much is still outstanding and what the result per period is.

Invoice statistics

In the “Invoice” section a tab has been added for “Statistics”. The first pie chart within these statistics shows how many invoices there are with a particular status. The graph visualises the division of invoice statuses, for example: paid 40%, outstanding 25%, first reminder 15%, second reminder 20%.

The second pie chart indicates the sale totals per owner or person who’s made the booking. This graph shows the sales results per owner, or in other words- which person is responsible for which part of the turnover.

Payment behaviour

In the unit “Payments overview”, which can be found under “System settings”, a tab has been added for “Statistics”. With this application, a selection can be made for a specific period in time, in order to analyse the payment behaviour and compare this with other periods.

The amount of days an invoice is overdue are grouped. By using these statistics, one can tell that – for example- 50% of the payments received in 2008 were on time. And when comparing these figures with 2009, it could show that only 25% of the received payments are in fact on time.