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Sending E-mails from System One

An important addition to System One is the new mailing feature to send messages straight from the system. E-mails that have been sent at an earlier time can now be accessed through a central place. By using email templates you can easily set up standard emails with previously added information. Highly convenient!

The new feature can be found in the detail view of all sections in System One (such as companies, contact persons, bookings, agreements and invoices). A user can send an e-mail to a single person or several receivers at the same time through the detail view. Once an e-mail has been sent, it will automatically be filed under the detailed information of a particular item. This feature compliments the current section of ‘Tasks & Notes’.

Any user can use their personal settings to include their name and e-mail address as sender information for e-mails sent from System One. Whenever someone replies to an email that has been sent from System One, that particular reply will be directed to the mailbox of the user.

E-mail templates

An advanced addition to the e-mail functions is the opportunity to use e-mail templates. During daily tasks, a person often sends several mails with approximately the same message. Through e-mail templates it is possible to set up standard emails with variable fields, so-called “merge fields”. These merge fields will automatically fill with information that is stored in System One. This way, the users are able to save a lot of time on their daily tasks.

We’ve created a video to elaborate on this update.