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Notes and tasks

With the notes and tasks functionality it is possible to add extra information to a relation, project, event, contract or invoice. Notes and tasks can be archived and retrieved in an organized fashion.



Option menu improved

The detail view of items in different sections (such as a relation, project, event, contract or invoice) has been updated: The option menu is improved with ‘New Note’ and ‘New Task’ buttons. When a new dialog screen is opened, notes and tasks can be entered.

Adding notes

A note can be added to any item within System One. It can be used, for example, to register a deal you have with a relation or to file the most important content of a conversation.

Information about when the note was made and who made the note is registered. This offers a lot of structure and historical perspective. With an overview like this, you and your colleagues will have a chance to recall information about past deals at any time.



Adding tasks

A task is an assignment for yourself or your colleague that needs to be performed at a later date. The task will appear in the dashboard of the person who the task is assigned to. A task can be used, for instance, to check on delayed payments. After a task has been executed, you can convert it into a note.