Dear visitor, System One has a new website.
Google Maps

Google Maps functionality has been added to System One. With this functionality it's easy to see where a relation or address is located or to create a selection of multiple relations in a certain region. This function is very suitable to estimate routes and distances, especially when it concerns a booking abroad.

The Google Maps update consists of a number of new options:

Google Maps in detail view

The first improvement is the addition of a map in the relation detail view. The address is shown in Google Maps as an orange pointer. System One automatically retrieves geographical data to position the location on the map when a relation is added or modified. This process is called Geocoding. The precision of the Geocoding depends on the accuracy and completeness of the address data. 

Show selection on the map

As a second improvement, the 'Relation Selection Tool' has been completed with a possibility to display a selection of relations on a map.
In the ‘Relation’ section you’ll find an option to change the display from address data to Google Maps. The relations from the selection will be displayed as orange pointers on a map.

You can click these pointers to navigate to the relation (address) details.