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Free fields for events

System One has been developed to assist agencies in the improvement of their overall efficiency. With this goal in mind, the "free fields for events" functionality has recently been added, thus allowing booking agencies to customize and extend System One using their own fields. The management panel for "free fields for events" can be found under "System settings". The free fields that you have created will appear in the detail view of events.

Use in document export templates

Every free field has a unique reference code that can be used to insert a merge field in a document template, such as an itinerary, a contract or an invoice.

Different data types

Upon creating a new free field, a data type is chosen to restrict the input of users. Available data types are; a text field, date and time field, a checkbox field, a dropdown list with different options.

Organizing in categories

Free fields can be organized in different categories, for instance, a "travel information"-category. Within this category, free fields can be created like; a flight number, the name of the airline, the time of departure.