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External users can add events to their schedules

In the past, external users only had viewing permission to their online schedules. Now they have the option to propose appointments through their System One online accounts. A big advantage is the efficient communication between the external user and the agency.

The new feature offers external users the option to propose and/or request appointments for their own schedules. Once the proposal is accepted by the booking agency, the item will be inserted permanently in the schedule.

Inserting events for the external user

When the external user has the user’s permission to insert events, a text button titled 'New Event' will appear in the top right corner of the event selection tool. Clicking on this text link will open the input dialog screen.

The dialog screen offers users the option to give a status, title, date, and description to each item.

Approve proposals

The booking agency should approve the proposals, before these are inserted permanently in the schedule.

Unapproved items appear in gray in the schedule.

Internal users have an overview of appointments that wait for approval in their dashboard. Clicking the title navigates to the detail view of the item. From here, the edit dialog screen can be opened by using the 'Edit' button in the options menu. In the dialog screen, the appointment can be approved.

The communication about the approval goes two ways. External users also have an 'Approval' section in their personal dashboard that displays the appointments that are waiting for approval.

Assign the correct user permission

Please note that external users don't have the correct permissions to add items by default. An internal user with access to system settings, should modify these. For the event section, the security level should be set to level 2 (view & insert).