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Make CSV export templates

With the arrival of a number of new functions in System One, the export options have also been revised. Export documents can be applied to the addressing of form letters and for the printing of labels and envelopes. The user can use standard CSV export templates for list reproductions, even stipulating which information is to be exported.

What is a CSV file?

A CSV-format (Comma Separated Value) is a simple and multiuse database format for exchanging data between different programs. A CSV file is built from regular text that the items contain. An item has different values, that are separated by commas. For users with Microsoft Excel installed, files with a .CSV extension are opened automatically. The files can also be used in Microsoft Word to print merge, or in Microsoft Access to import a database.

Making new CSV export templates

With the menu component system installation, users with system management rights can make CSV export templates for every section in System One. These CSV export templates can be composed for the listings of companies, contacts, bookings, contracts, and invoices.

In the screen ‘New CSV export templates for listings’, the title and description can first be entered. Then the user selects the columns with the information that he wants to appear in the final export. If the user for example wants to send a mailing with form letters, then a CSV export template can be composed for use in the companies section. This export will contain the columns for name and address data.

After saving, the new CSV export template will appear as an export option under the listing in the companies section

Using a CSV export list

When a selection is made, the list appears with found items. The ‘CSV export template for listings’ that the user previously made is found in the subsection ‘Export and print’ under this list.

By selecting the export template, the selected information is exported. A screen opens that offers to open the file directly or to save it.