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Administering book keepings

A new feature had been added to System One to allow users with system access rights to administer book keepings.

Reset per year

Book keepings have a unique ascending number range. When creating the book keeping, it can be set to have the document number per book keeping year at the starting number, or ascending through the years.

Starting number

When creating an book keeping, it is possible to give a specific starting number as the beginning of the book keeping numbering.

Hide unused book keepings

It is possible to hide book keepings that are not being used (temporarily), thereby organizing the view since only the current book keepings will be displayed. Any bookings, quotes, contracts and invoices to this book keeping will also be hidden.

Hide book keepings for internal users

In the adjustment screen of a book keeping, it’s possible to define which users have access to the book keeping. If a user is not granted access, any items linked to this book keeping (such as quotes, billing, contracts and invoices) will not be visible to this user.

A new layer of information protection has been created with this latest addition, so several departments can utilize System One.