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ADE 2014

From 15 – 19 October the Amsterdam Dance Event will take place. Once again, System One will be there!

System One at International Music Summit

From 25 - 27 May the International Music Summit will take place in Ibiza and we will be there to meet and network!

Limit user access to artist data

By default internal users can access data for all artists. With the introduction of a new security feature, you can limit user access to a selection of artists.

New flight module

Major improvements in the way that flights are handled within System One. A dedicated flight section lets you manage all flight movements of artists, tour managers and crew. Flights are instantly visible in the mobile apps to the artists.

Find airports near a venue

Want to find the nearest airport to a venue? With our latest update you can view all the airports that are close to a venue on a map, including a list with the distance and the estimated travel time to these airports.

Unlimited free online storage

As of now, unlimited online storage in the System One basic account comes for free. This means that you can save all the data you want without ever worrying if you have enough space available in your System One account.

Customize subjects in tasks and notes

You can now maintain a personal list of subjects that are suggested when you create new tasks and notes, making the entry of tasks and notes easier and faster.

Show/Hide templates per bookkeeping

Great update for those working with different document templates and multiple bookkeepings! You can now assign a template to a bookkeeping, having the template only appear in the relevant bookkeeping. This really cleans up the detail view for contracts and invoices.

System One App

We are proud to announce the release of our System One App. Artists, agents and tour managers can use this app to check their itinerary while touring.

Online storage

We've added Online Storage to System One, allowing agents to share files with other users, artists and promoters.

Customize the ICalendar feed

System One has another cool feature: ICalendar templates. They enable you to provide your artists with more extensive booking information.

Lock your invoices

System One has been recently expanded with functionality to secure (lock) invoices. Once secured, users are unable to make any further modifications to the document. This will prevent possible discrepancies between data in an external accounting package and the data stored in System One.

Merging companies & contacts

Despite the useful warning System One shows while inputting the name of a duplicate company or contact, it's possible that companies or contacts occur multiple times in your database. Luckily we came up with a merge function!

Promoter blacklist

Users of System One now have the possibility to track and be warned for promoters that pose a financial risk.

Select states in a list

The address book functionality has been improved. When entering an address the state will automatically be displayed in a dropdown form. By replacing the textbox we ensure more consistency in the registered address data.

Exchange rates

Clients that trade with different currencies can now benefit from a better financial insight due to new exchange rate functionality.

Venue details

A recent update brought a nice new feature to System One, enabling users to register a multitude of venue details. To top it all off: a brand new venue selection tool makes this information easily searchable.

New availability check

The availability check in System One has been changed! Even better: it has been simplified! Select a date and see in one overview which artists/bands are available.

Register multiple attendees with a show

System One offers the possibility to link multiple artist/band contacts to a booking. These can be band members, but also tour managers.

Booking request form

Online bookings can now be received and processed immediately within System One. We’ve created a web form to deal with booking requests! This way, the booking agency can create a form without any effort at all. The unique link to the webpage of the form can be implemented by a web developer on both the website of the bookings agency as well as the artist’s site. This way, all information is directly being transferred to System One, where further action regarding the booking can be taken.

Improved export to Excel

Besides exporting data to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file, you can now export a data selection to an Excel file. An additional benefit is that the data can then be opened directly in a data table.

Validate VAT number

When processing information of companies that are located in one of the EU countries, System One will automatically check whether the VAT number is valid. The system will prompt a notice when the number cannot be detected in the central EU database.

iCalendar feed for artists

Artists can use the iCalendar feed to merge their System One booking schedule with calendar software such as 'Apple iCal' for Mac/iPhone and 'Google Calendar', part of Google Apps.

Free fields for events

System One has been developed to assist agencies in the improvement of their overall efficiency. With this goal in mind, the "free fields for events" functionality has recently been added, thus allowing booking agencies to customize and extend System One using their own fields. The management panel for "free fields for events" can be found under "System settings". The free fields that you have created will appear in the detail view of events.

Sending E-mails from System One

An important addition to System One is the new mailing feature to send messages straight from the system. E-mails that have been sent at an earlier time can now be accessed through a central place. By using email templates you can easily set up standard emails with previously added information. Highly convenient!

Administering book keepings

A new feature had been added to System One to allow users with system access rights to administer book keepings.

Totals and Statistics

A few diagrams and totals tables have been added to System One. These new tools allow the user to extract financial information from invoice- and payment details in real-time. This not only offers the user a visually appealing and detailed insight, but also helps companies adapt to volatile financial situations.

Make CSV export templates

With the arrival of a number of new functions in System One, the export options have also been revised. Export documents can be applied to the addressing of form letters and for the printing of labels and envelopes. The user can use standard CSV export templates for list reproductions, even stipulating which information is to be exported.

Link contacts to several companies

In System One, contacts are linked to one company. With experience, it has become clear that many of our customers work with contacts who are active in several organizations. For this reason, it’s now possible to link one contact in System One to several companies. This eliminates the need to enter a single contact several times and keeps the database cleaner.

Receive a reminder of scheduled tasks

Good news for all who like to be tidy and organized. In the most recent update, System One has upgraded the "Task Management" with the possibility to remind the user automatically of his planned tasks. Reminders can be received in two different ways; in a popup dialog within System One, or in an email to the address of the user.

Display events on the agency site

Events that have been entered into the System One database can be can be displayed automatically on the agency website through the "RSS events feed for agency website". RSS is an application of XML and is used to syndicate information in a simple way. Artist booking agencies can use the System One RSS events feed to automatically publish the bookings of their artists on the website of the agency.

External users can add events to their schedules

In the past, external users only had viewing permission to their online schedules. Now they have the option to propose appointments through their System One online accounts. A big advantage is the efficient communication between the external user and the agency.

Google Maps

Google Maps functionality has been added to System One. With this functionality it's easy to see where a relation or address is located or to create a selection of multiple relations in a certain region. This function is very suitable to estimate routes and distances, especially when it concerns a booking abroad.

Notes and tasks

With the notes and tasks functionality it is possible to add extra information to a relation, project, event, contract or invoice. Notes and tasks can be archived and retrieved in an organized fashion.

Never forget a birthday

Have the birthdays of your contacts displayed on ‘My Dashboard’ by updating the contact details with a date of birth. Thirty days preceding the birthday, the contact will appear in your dashboard. All you have to do is pass on good wishes!

Available in multiple languages

System One is available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese. Each individual user can set his or her preferred user interface language in the personal settings menu.

Interview with Henrike van Engelenburg

Henrike van Engelenburg is willing to share her experiences on System One with us. Henrike is CEO, producer and impresario at ‘van Engelenburg Theatre Productions’. Van Engelenburg represents over twenty artists and has six staff members.